Thursday, April 14, 2011

Manage your fear!

As a Speaking Coach, I can move you from FEAR!!!    to     Feeling Excited and Ready to go!
Psychologists tell us that the primary reason for the fear of public speaking is the fear of rejection.  That your peers or your audience will not see you as good enough.  There are a number of tips that I can give you to overcome this fear.  But first, let’s identify the fears and anxieties.

Recently I posted an article on TheRiotACT about the fear many people have of public
Expressing an opinion and posting on the net often produces a result you don’t expect.  The Riot Act’s editors headed my article “Are you scared of public speaking?” Sure enough, one person wrote:  “I’m scared of everything.”

Seriously though, the words “Public Speaking” and “Fear of” are very often seen and thought of as a given.

As a Public Speaking Coach for more than 11 years now, my clients have described all sorts of fears, reactions and symptoms they experienced when asked to speak and present in front of other people.   (I’ve experienced nearly all of these at some stage in my speaking career, so I appreciate that the feelings are real and I know the feelings are authentic.)

Here’s the list.  Can you add to it?  I’d appreciate your contribution and/or your comments.

Avoidance:   I move out of the picture in case I might be asked to speak.
Previous negative experiences:  Something “awful” happened on another occasion.
Over preparation:  I spend heaps of time preparing and preparing and nothing is ever final.
Procrastination:  I go around and around the issue and never finish writing the speech.
Title Hang up:  I spend so much time on the Title and never get to the body (“guts”) of the speech.

Physical Symptoms: Dry Mouth, Fast Breathing, Heart Pumping, Stomach Churning; Red Flushes on Face and Neck; Legs Wobbly, Legs dancing Uncontrollably, Mind goes Blank; Shock when hearing own voice.

You’ve got the picture?  Let me know your experience with public speaking – good and bad.

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