Monday, February 20, 2012

Enjoy, yes, Enjoy Public Speaking

 Enjoy!    These speaking tips are available as Bookmarks, 2cm by 6cm - printed and laminated.   If you'd like some, email your address an I'll send them to you by Australia Post.      Best wishes,

After chatting with many of my clients, who I have coached for speaking roles such as: presentations at school, university, workplace, small audiences, large audiences, weddings, funerals (or celebrations of life, as they are now often called) sales presentations, business award speeches, auctioneering contests (these are very competitive) keynote speeches, recruitment interviews (candidates) motivational speeches, university lectures, debates, job interviews, video conferences, webinars, media interviews - one thing holds true: 

To enjoy public speaking, prepare as well as you can.

Prepare yourself

stand tall, straight, balanced
read out loud to rehearse
practise vocal variety
breathe low, slow and smile!

Prepare your Message

walk it through as a storyline
share something about yourself
what's your "Call to Action"
anticipate questions from the audience
you are "sharing information with friends"

Prepare your Environment

think ahead
feel the room
anticipate any potential happenings
stand in the speaking space
smile and see yourself enjoying!

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