Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bridegroom Speaks.....Wedding Speech - Bridegroom

Wedding Speeches are now rarely as formal as they used to be.  Brides, Grooms, Best Man, Father of the Bride – all have freedom to adapt their speeches to their own personality and creativity.
Upon request, I write the entire speech, or I help to put it together from your draft.
Here’s one idea from the many wedding party speeches I have had the pleasure to write or edit.
Step 1.  Thank You……….
To the MC for introducing you……….
Thank you,  (to your Best Man),  for your kind words  (He has just spoken about you)
Step 2.  How you are feeling, right at that moment……..
What a fantastic day!       There are some days you wish would never end.  And this is one of those days!  I’ve just married the sweetest person I’ve ever met.  And we are surrounded by our family and friends.
It’s so good to see you all.  It makes me realise that through our marriage - we are all connected.
We thank you for your good wishes and for your support. 
For some, it’s been a fair journey. 
Travelling from Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria.    
My good friends, Darren and Mia, travelling from Jakarta.
To see you here today makes it even more special for us.  And we thank you for being with us to celebrate this magic day! 
Step 3.  Direct Thank you to Parents and Groomsmen
Matt and Lesley……..Michelle’s parents
and  my parents,  John and Jackie
Thank you for all you have done for us in the lead up to our big day.  Your efforts and generosity have come together to make it truly special.
Thank you Mum and Dad for your guidance and support.  You have always been there for me as loving parents and great friends to Michelle. 
Darren and  Sam, it’s an honour to have you as my Groomsmen.  Thank you for your support today and your friendship.
Step 4. Entertaining Story
As one of the special dividends of our wedding,   I get to inherit another family – Michelle’s  family.  
Thank you for welcoming me       so warmly.  And thank you Matt and Lesley for being the parents of my beautiful bride.
It took me a while to get around to proposing, but I always knew I wanted to marry, you,  Michelle. 
And I’m sure all of you here and anyone who has ever met Michelle would understand exactly why.
Now, Matt (her father) might have told this a bit differently, but this is the official version
After a few years, it was time.   I bought the ring, overcame the nerves and had the big talk with Matt ……………………
I then headed down to Kiama for a week of fishing.  Michelle was to meet me there a week later. Kiama is one of our favourite spots for fishing and relaxing.  We like to grab a rug, a bit of food, a drink or two and maybe a rod ‘n bait, depending on the tide.
Michelle got in first.    “well I know you’re not going to propose this trip, because you haven’t spoken to my Dad”. “ Well…ah…I did.”    She didn’t believe me.  “I would know if you had asked my Dad, he didn’t mention  anything”.
I then grabbed my dry bag, took a second to breathe , and out with the ring.   Before I could pop the question, Michelle crash tackled me.  ( I don’t think either of us could believe it.)   I then asked her with gasping breath as she squeezed the life out of me “will….. you…… marry…….. me?”   ……………….. Thankfully she said    “ yes “      -       
And here we are!  One of the happiest moments of my life!
Michelle is by far the sweetest person I have ever met. She brightens up the day of anyone she deals with and she’s always so generous. She is devoted to her family and friends and does not give love or friendship in half measures. These are just a few of her qualities that I cherish.
Step 5. Speaking directly to the bride
Michelle, my life with you has been so good.  I am so happy knowing that we now have the rest of our lives to live it together.  You look so beautiful today.  
And your Bridesmaids beside you have completed the picture.
Step 6. Toast to the Bridesmaids
 Lynda, and Naomi, Thank you for helping Michelle enjoy her day and making it so wonderful!
It’s my pleasure to ask you to fill your glasses and raise them in a toast to......The Bridesmaids Love and happiness always, Lynda and Naomi, Michelle’s  Bridesmaids!

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