Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Melbourne Cup Day

First time ever, I missed the running of the Melbourne Cup. Instead, I was preparing a program of World Music at ArtSound Radio 92.7 in Canberra. It streams to the world on www.artsound.fm Last night , I presented my very first program of "World Vibe" - I love world music because it explores all of the emotions of the human heart. When I played "Lullaby for Kamila" I thought of all the new-born babies that day - nestling in the arms of their mothers and fathers. And I thought of our cousins, Jolanta and Marek Urban in Warszawa, where I first heard it. It's the second track on the CD "East meets West", Nigel Kennedy and the Kroke Band. Nigel's virtuoso violin is truly amazing. I played lots of violin, lots of gypsy, klezmer and even reggae from West Papua. Surely there is more that binds us.
This blend of Speak2us at www.speak2us.com.au my speaking coach business, where I help people who are speaking somewhere for any purpose at all - and my part in the team of presenters at ArtSound, makes me say "THIS is heaven!"

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