Thursday, December 2, 2010

December - What does it take to be an Auctioneer!

I always remember December 1, as it's my school-friend Olga's birthday. She's somewhere in the snows of Winnipeg whilst I am usually baking in the sun by now - but this year is different. Very different. We have had more rain in Canberra and other parts of Australia than I have ever seen! So, it's soggy.

One of the fabulous things about - my speaking business - is that I have such a variety of clients. This week I am working with a person who is soon to become an Auctioneer of Real Estate. Now that requires a lot of concentration and performance skills. Not to mention taking care of and maintaining the voice. (You can't picture an auctioneer without a voice can you?)

I've been wondering how people who go to real estate auctions really see the Auctioneer?

How do they expect them to act? What can the Auctioneer do to make clients feel comfortable

and feel that they can trust them?

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