Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Voice Exercises

Daily Voice Exercises for Speakers

These vocal exercises will not only help your voice but, but by working the facial muscles, will keep you young looking as well! 
Find a corner in your house – and say these exercises out loud – into the corner.  It acts as an “acoustic device” and you become used to hearing the sound of your own voice. 
Why is it important to get used to hearing your own voice?  Most often, the moment that speakers are most nervous is at the beginning of their presentations – when all they can hear is their own voice!
All of these drills must be said out loud. Repeat each one twice a day. I promise you, you’ll develop and maintain your good speaking voice.

The Tongue in Speech
§  Two little toddlers playing table tennis
§  Twenty two players taken out for a treat
§  Fifteen metre tracks are shorter than fifty metre tracks
§  Adults who play table tennis are extremely fit

Consonant sounds
§  Badminton racquets are lighter than cricket bats
§  Isn’t it time you tried the high jump
§  You need to attack if you want to win
§  Hitting tennis balls while sitting down is terribly difficult

Hum the ‘m’ and ‘n’ sounds
§  Now is the time to introduce netball
§  Swimming is fun in the summer months
§  My martial arts instructor always smiles when he wins
§  Mini tennis is fun for small children

Lip agility
§  Betty plays competitive badminton
§  Weightlifters acquire many muscles
§  Boys love to play billiards
§  When I play polo I usually win

Vowel Sounds
Open the mouth wide for all the vowel sounds
i (eye)
§  My smile is wide as I cross the winning line
§  I cried when they scored a try
§  I’m too frightened to try and jump that high
§  I try to smile even while I am losing

o (oh)

§  Throw it slowly into the yellow box
§  Follow the arrows to avoid the snow
§  My coach is called Joe
§  Go and show Flo a Judo throw

a (ay)

§  I’m afraid you didn’t make the relay team
§  Croquet is played at eight
§  There isn’t enough space in this place for a race
§  Stay there Jay and pick up the weight

a (ah)

§  Martial Arts won’t harm my arm
§  Stay calm, don’t argue, I’ll spar with you
§  My car can go fast
§  I can’t lift the bar very far with my bad arm

Have fun with these - they're seriously good! 

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