Sunday, June 19, 2011

Business Culture in China

China National Flag

I've just got back from my first trip to China.  Beijing and Shanghai - for a very short visit -
10 days.  We were on a Squash Tour - we played at local clubs wherever we could find them.
And, in between we hit the tourist spots - and shopped till we dropped.  As a Speaking Coach, I was interested to find an article in the "Jing An Times" which illustrated a few tips on "How to Understand Chinese Business Culture".  It focused on 5 areas and here are the top tips in each.  (If you would like more info on these, email me at:
  • Appearance and Greetings: Bow upon meeting.  If expecting to shake hands, wait till your host offers their hand first. 
  • How to Behave and Communicate: Avoid large hand gestures.  Chinese people do not use their hand expressively and will find it distracting if you do.
  • Gift giving and Respect: In China, gifts have symbolic meanings and choosing the right gift is a minefield. 
  • Business Decision Making: Decisions are made slowly and with care, in China.
  • Tips and Warnings: Never write on a business card that has been handed to you.

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