Sunday, June 26, 2011

How To Prepare your Public Speaking Voice

Win Gold Medals with your Public Speaking Voice

Your voice is unique to you and is the key feature of your speaking and performance.  That’s why you will want to develop and maintain your voice.

Speaking is a physical activity. Your voice and speech are powered by the core of your being – the diaphragm breath.

If you do normal breathing from the upper chest, there will be tension in the body and the upper chest and neck and you run the risk of strangling your breath and then your voice. 

Balanced posture is important.  Start from the neutral position – one hand clasped loosely on the opposite lower arm.  Balanced and centralised – stand comfortably.

Diaphragm breathing.  Inhale and exhale from the abdomen. The upper chest and shoulders do not move.  The head is straight and balanced, as if a piece of string that goes right up to the ceiling is holding your head up.

Yawn and loosen the mouth, teeth and tongue.  Do your warm up exercises – ka, ha and ga and mmmm….. and nnnn…..pretend you are a horse and do the horselips!  it's fun!

Quick Tips for Public Speakers

Smoking is deadly for speakers and singers.

Alcohol is not a good idea before speaking.  Much too risky as its effects are uncertain.

Avoid iced drinks. Drink room temperature water.

Don’t eat too much before you speak.  (Think like an athlete).
Gold Medal Speakers think like Athletes


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