Sunday, May 11, 2014

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking and  Your Audience

Never Apologise. For example, never ever begin your presentation with "I'm sorry, I'm a bit nervous and I haven't had time to prepare."
Instead, smile and say something lively and encouraging like "I'm delighted to be here to tell you how we have anticipated your needs and ..... 

Forget about you.  Concentrate on them.  Speak naturally - chat to the audience a you would over coffee. They'll love it.

Present your information in bite-sized pieces by limiting the information to
3 key points.

Learn to "read" your listeners so that you can tailor your message if necessary.

Finish with some form of call to action - or by summarising the key points. 

Leave your audience laughing, thinking, or feeling - but don't just leave them wondering whether you have finished.

Have fun!  Enjoy it and your audience will too! 

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