Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to learn to love Public Speaking

As a speaking coach, I have probably heard nearly all the reasons people give when they say they are not good at speaking in public.

Are any of these reasons familiar to you?
"I don’t enjoy speaking in public because:

 1.    I’m an introvert
2.       I don’t like people looking at me
3.       I don’t like being the centre of attention
4.       My heart beats very rapidly and I feel sick
5.       My mouth goes dry
6.       I start to shake
7.       I go pink in a rising tide,  on my chest and neck
8.     My legs feel like jelly
9.       I go blank and lose my train of thought."

Do you have any additions to this list?
Let me give you my solutions: 

Firstly, let me reassure you.  90% of your success is already determined by how well you have prepared. 

Preparation for your speaking role involves
Preparing yourself
Preparing your content,     and
Preparing your environment.

Now, let me respond to the eight reasons above.

1.  Introverts can be excellent speakers.  Speaking in public is a performance.        It is the same you.  But a different role.  You must learn to develop a        professional but authentic voice.  
2.   People are looking at you because they are paying you their respect and             and because they want you to do well.

3.   (I think you know the answer to this one.)  The speaking space is a powerful space.  One speaker to tens, hundreds or thousands in the audience.  When you learn to know and love the sound of your own voice and when you learn to connect with your audience, you are in the speaking space, there can be no other centre of attention.
4.  This symptom and symptoms No. 5, 6, 7,  8 and 9 all arise as a result of our prehistoric brain.  We are pre-determined for fight , flight or  freeze actions.   While all these symptoms are happening, we are contemplating -  “Should I continue? or should I make a bolt for the door?”  These symptoms will be lessened the more you are prepared. 

So what does preparation look like?

describes tips and techniques around Public Speaking.
It shows how to structure a preparation.  How to connect with your audience and how to come from a position of service by sharing something useful.

If you suffer from any or all of the to the symptoms we have been discussing, you will find answers in my E-Book. Speaker’s Guide.  Public Speaking with Speak2us.    You can buy Public Speaking self confidence for $19.95.

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