Saturday, July 16, 2016

Have you got a TED Talk in you?

Have you got a TED talk in you?  An idea to share? A compelling life experience to reveal?

As a TED speaker, you’ll have up to 18 minutes to share your idea.  You’ll be looking to making it compelling.  You’ll be hoping to inspire your audience.  

You won’t be using notes.  There will be no lectern to hide behind.  There’s just you in the spotlight and an audience of 600 people willing you to do well!

How will you do all that?

My Speaker's Guide  explains the key elements of public speaking in the TED style: 

Ninety Percent of how well you perform is already determined BEFORE you reach the TED stage.  And the ten percent?

The Ten percent is the performance.  The glory!  The thrill of connecting with your audience! 

As a TED Talks coach, I'll show you the techniques you'll need to share your idea with your audience and the world.  And most of all, I'll make sure it's a positive and enjoyable experience for you as a TED Talks Speaker.


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