Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coaching Speakers who speak at TED Talks

Find your unique voice

Tips for Speakers who would like to speak at at TED* 

1        Purpose:   Test the purpose of your talk by putting it into one sentence.

2.       Writing your Talk:  A piece of writing to be READ  is very different from a piece                   to be SAID.  It doesn't need proper grammar or complete sentences.

3.       Attitude:  It's not all about YOU. It's mainly about THEM. It's far easier on you as                   Speaker to come from a position of Service.  What can you give to your audience?                   The words YOU and YOURS are so important to use. "YOU will                    
          know........YOUR judgement will tell you that" .........

4.       What is your Call to Action? What do you want your audience to do when you have             finished speaking? Tell them what that is.

5.       Breathing:  The single most important thing in Speaking. Google it.

6.       Develop and Maintain your voice with simple voice exercises.  And exercises for                 vocal variety.  Again find some on the 'net and use them.

7.       Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!  Rehearse out loud. Try rehearsing blocks or                           components of your talk - so as not to always start from the beginning. Record or video           yourself for feedback.

8.       The Transition:  You and the Performing You. Establish a "ritual" to take you from the           side stage to the Performing Space.  I use "Low, Slow and Smile"

9.       Visualisation: Visualise the stage, the audience and you doing well. 

10.     Step in to the Role:  It's a performance and you can step from YOU into the                             PERFORMING you!   And out again!
The original organisation is known as TED* Talks.  International franchises are known as TEDx
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

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