Saturday, July 9, 2016

Public Speaking TED Style - Contemporary Public Speaking

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Public Speaking TED Style – the What the Why and the How..........

As a Speaking Coach, the most common enquiry I receive goes like this:

Hi Sofia, “I would like to learn how to speak publicly. I've done a little bit but I often get very nervous, even in front of a small crowd, especially when I'm not completely prepared.  Can you help?”

Why is this enquiry typical?   The words “nervous” and the phrase “especially when I’m not completely prepared”.  When you consider that 90% of your public speaking presentation is already determined before you step on to the platform – you have an idea of the importance of preparation.  It’s only after you have learnt how to prepare that you can enjoy the 10% - the thrill and the pleasure of presenting.

There is so much available and accessible information, tips and techniques on the topic of public speaking.   There are so many books that have been written – there are so many gurus out there who promise to show you how. There are even those who claim they can provide you with instant confidence, kill nerves etc. – and often in a one day workshop costing many hundreds of dollars. 
There are so many theories.

Contemporary speaking is very different from what many of us know as public speaking.  I help my clients to speak in the TED Style – in the contemporary style – that has as its goal CONNECTING with your audience.  This is a win for your audience and for you.  When you keep them connected – your confidence increases.  If you lose them – observe how you feel.  Worse than awful!

There have been so many “secrets, tips and techniques” published on how to be  confident speaker – and if that’s all it took, we would all be brilliant speakers, with fabulous content, and adoring audiences!  There is no secret – or, if you like, the secret is called PREPARATION.  

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